Sulfiscon develops new therapies to treat calcification

The company is currently expanding on research performed by the founders of the company, where a new paradigm of pathological calcification was discovered.

This led to the search for therapies that enhance H2S in tissues by allosteric modulation of the enzyme CSE, one of three key enzymes regulating cellular H2S production.


Our technology

Therapy base on H2S

The concept of allosteric modulation permits the upregulation of cellular H2S production at near physiological levels and avoids the potential toxicities that could arise by administering exogenous H2S to the subject. The company’s research has led to the discovery of a novel family of molecules that act as positive allosteric modulators (PAM) on CSE and upregulate H2S production significantly. These compounds are undergoing further medicinal chemistry development to bring them to market.



Financial requirements

Fundraising from angel investors and private equity for development from 2024 onwards.

1 mio
2021-2023 Financial support including Innosuisse funding

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Who are we ?

SULFISCON is a research-based start-up with a proven research record on pathological calcification and has extensive contacts in clinical medicine in Switzerland to aid future development of new treatments.

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Image Latest publication linking pathologic calcification with osteoarthritis

Dr Ilaria Bernabei and the SULFISCON founders published this review which details the mechanisms leading to pathological calcification in cartilage...

Image Research of CSE's role in cartilage calcification published

Dr Sonia Nasi published her findings on the role of CSE in pathologic cartilage and tendon calcification and how a CSE activator can prevent this. ...

Image Innosuisse application

Innosuisse accepted SULFISCON's application to support the development of an allosteric modulator of CSE as a treatment of pathologic calcification...